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 Feedback is Always Appreciated

I love hearing from people and I especially appreciate feedback from my clients.  Their testimonials are the best advertising I can receive! Here are a few things some of them have had to say about working with me.

“Bonnie is a true professional. She asked the right questions to capture the essence of the message I was trying to convey. She added warmth and intention to my ‘About’ page.

Bonnie, you have done wonders and I am so grateful our paths crossed.”

Amanda Nel, Easy On The Tongue (Blog)


“I’m not a writer, by far. Bonnie’s work is amazing! I don’t know how she did it, but it sounds like it came right out of my mouth. As I read it for the first time, it brought tears to my eyes because I couldn’t believe something so wonderful was about me. It’s how I feel. It’s what I would say. But, it came from her brain. I have no idea how she does that, but I. LOVE. IT!!”

T. Davis


“Just a quick note, that Bonnie does a great job at making me look & sound smart.  I so often have the thoughts & know what I want to say, but just can’t put it to paper!  That is where Bonnie is the BEST, she takes the time to understand my direction and makes it sound great.  Thanks Bonnie!”

Don Treschak, Treschak Enterprises LTD


“Bonnie played a very important part in creating my website, and helping me launch my business in 2015. Her beautiful words, and writing style helped bring my story and website to life.”

Amanda Young, Forever Young Nutrition And Health



“Bonnie’s writing skills and knowledge help add that professional polish to my newsletters and press releases.”

Beverly Sneath, Artist



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