A Workaholic Weekend

The Stay At Home Workaholic
The Stay At Home Workaholic

What a glorious October day – and a Saturday to boot! Weekends are wonderful, but seeing that sunshine and blue sky streaming through the autumn leaves outside my front window was a better start for my soul than sipping that first cup of coffee. That, and knowing that the day was mine. (Well, mostly.) Upon stepping out my door this morning, I felt as though I’d been turned loose from within a dark cave and couldn’t decide what to do first with my freedom. Should I take down the gazebo? Dig up bulbs? Clean the garage? There were literally dozens of projects and errands I wanted/needed to do. Not to mention my daughter had a soccer game followed by TWO parties this afternoon… I knew what I needed to do to stay organized. I grabbed a pen and jotted down everything on my mind so I could visualize and prioritize my tasks. This is my go-to trick for keeping on top of things when my husband works every weekend. Usually its just me and the kid holding down the fort. So in the midst of playing soccer mom/ chauffeur, I managed to achieve the following in true workaholic style:

  1. Clean the kitchen. This is a never-ending battle isn’t it? Some days I want to take a picture to preserve the moment. It seldom lasts half the day before I have to do it again. I’ve taken to getting up early just to sit in the kitchen with my coffee so I can enjoy it before all hell breaks loose.
  2. Survey yard and plantings. Start planning to dig up bulbs for proper storage over winter. Note I didn’t actually get to the digging up part yet, but I found my spade and tools and I eyed up my plants so I’m halfway there. My husband also wants to plant garlic this year so I have to find a spot in the yard for that to happen…
  3. Put gazebo cover away. OK, my dad came over and took the cover off for me while I was at the soccer game but I had totally planned to help him with it. I did have to find a storage solution that would be rodent-proof and neighbourhood stray cat-proof, so I’m claiming some points for this.
  4. Do laundry. By “do” I mean not just sorting it and pre-treating it but actually finding it first. This often involves scouring the entire house to collect all the dirty socks my family likes to leave for me to find. They each have their own secret hiding places, and I’d like to hope I know where most of them are by now. Sometimes I feel like I’m on some messed up scavenger hunt and the only prize I can win is keeping this place from stinking.
  5. Hang up exterior Halloween lights. Ha! Take that neighbours. Let’s give the kids something to look at when they go out this year besides a carved pumpkin.  Plus, my driveway is pretty uneven, so I don’t want any lawsuits from injured trick-0r-treaters.
  6. Hang up exterior Christmas lights UNDER the Halloween lights. Yes, I hang the lights around here and yes, I do it early. I prefer to stand in my warm and cozy, well-lit front window drinking hot chocolate and waving at my neighbours as they struggle with their lights after the first frost. Or even better, during that first snow storm.
  7. Make dinner using frozen meal I prepped for the slow cooker two weeks ago. This was one of those little tidbits I found on Pinterest that has become a new favourite thing for me. I have always loved using my slow cookers (yes, that’s plural) and having everything prepared for a meal in a bag in my freezer has been wonderful. I highly recommend doing it. Just pick up a few packages of bulk chicken breast next time they go on sale and portion them out with some veg and sauce. You won’t regret it on days like this.
  8. Get groceries. I should start this by apologizing to anyone I may have run over with my shopping cart today at Sobey’s. All I can say is I had 35 minutes to get it done and I was on a mission. But of course, half of the things I went there for were not stocked, so now I’ll be making another trip to Zehrs today instead. You’ve been forewarned.
  9. Get gas in car. Well this only makes it to the list because of dumb luck. I could very well have run my tank dry before noticing my fuel gauge today. In my defense I had a lot of random stuff on my mind today and as long as I didn’t forget to pick up my kid somewhere or end up stuck in a field with no gas I count it as a good day.
  10. Write a new blog post. Honestly this started out as a quick Facebook update, but once I got started I realized it had potential. I had planned to start writing on Sunday based on the rainy weather forecast, but when the creative juices start flowing you have to go where they take you.

My scribbled up “To Do” list is a part of my weekend routine. To some, it may seem like I’m overdoing it but my list helps to keep me sane. Writing down my tasks helps me to stay focused on my goals. If I don’t finish my list that is fine. The world will not end and I’m not a bad mom. I know I’m not alone in this, so please share your stories and solutions. After all, how many parents out there can relate? How many of you have days like this, feeling like you need to tackle the world in one weekend? Drop me a line on Facebook or Twitter, or comment on my webpage. Here’s wishing you a sedate Sunday full of no obligations and a chance to actually unwind. Cheers!