Be The Change This Season


If you’re like me, you’ve had enough of all the negative news and doomsday preaching happening these days. With so much focus on the pending #Trumpocalypse in the USA, I for one am glad that the holiday season is around the corner; but not for the reasons you might think.

Sure, it would be easy to crank up the 24-hour Christmas music stations and bury my head in a pile of ugly Christmas sweaters for as long as possible, but what good will that do anyone? It certainly won’t change anything. The fear and anger that is building in our world won’t just dissipate on Christmas morning, no matter how many letters we write to Santa.

No, the real reason I am looking forward to this holiday season is the message of peace and love that it brings and the faith that it rekindles – in ourselves and in the world we want to help create. There is no denying – a certain magic does exist surrounding this season and it is there for all to find if we seek it. It’s in the little things we say and do; the simple ways we show care and kindness to each other.  Holding open a door for a stranger, helping an elderly neighbour, or donating to a local charity.

Yes, there is a darker side too. I know the holidays can be a stressful and depressing time for many.  This is true of most situations in life – we cannot have darkness without light. But we seem more open to possibilities at Christmas, as if the added warmth we feel in our hearts towards each other can give us extra strength to push back a little harder against the cold, dark shadows that threaten us.

I want to help bring back hope to our world. I want to renew my own faith in humanity. I want to be a channel for change. That is why I will be focusing on promoting a few local charities in my next series of blogs. My goal is to help spread the word on local efforts that are in need of volunteers or donations.  I will be providing details on the fundraiser/charity and whenever possible, contact information and links.  ( I wish to further state that I am not affiliated with any of the charities, nor am I being compensated for doing this. )

This world needs healing and I want to start by helping my own community. We need to feel empowered – for ourselves and our communities. We also need to instill these virtues in our children so that they will keep spreading the good long after we are gone. If you feel the same as I do, let’s spread a little light together.