Out of My Head – I Mean Office


Well it’s Sunday morning again, and the sun is shining through the leaves that are just beginning to turn colour outside my kitchen window.  It’s been a slow change this season, and I’m surprised how many are still green this late into October.  I’m sitting here enjoying the view with my first cup of coffee while deciding what to do first today. So far, here’s my list:

– go to gym
– tidy kitchen
– yard work
– clean and re-caulk the shower
– dig up bulbs
– clean out fridge
– finish laundry

Normally my weekend “To Do” lists are much longer, but technically I only have until noon today to finish this one.  I’m still cramming in as much as I can in true workaholic style, but after that, I’m on vacation for a few days.

Yes that’s right.  I am looking forward to some much needed quality time with The Fam.  As such, I may be out of touch with my social media channels for a bit. Over the next week, I’ll be checking in periodically and available to my clients via text or email, but not actively posting blogs.

I’m committing to focusing on my family over these next few days. Face time with your loved ones is more important than Facebook updates and I want to show them I haven’t forgotten this. Working from home more now this year has allowed them to see more of me, but some days its just the back of my head as I sit hunkered down over my laptop.  I highly doubt that this counts in their book.

I swear to everything holy he hasn't even FOUND his suitcase yet. I'm tempted to hide all his laundry that I washed and sorted just to make things more fun (well for me.)
I swear to everything holy he hasn’t even FOUND his suitcase yet. I’m tempted to hide all his laundry that I have spent days washing and folding just to make things more fun (well for me.)

The kid is so excited about our pending adventure that she was up at 6am this morning with daddy as he prepared to head to the gym.  They both kindly let me sleep in a few hours longer but the calm didn’t last as long as I had hoped.  Now we are in a state of simmering anticipation to be on our way.

Of course, this means I need to finish my chores and have everything ready so my husband can waltz in, shove some clothes in a bag and proudly pronounce he is ready to go.  If he has to wait more than 15 minutes he will start to get cranky.   So on that note, I’d better put this post to bed and go make mine.  My “To Do” list is waiting. Please enjoy your week and stay sane. We’ll chat again soon.

Now where did I put my work gloves?

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