All About Me

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Let’s get down to it: you want to know who I am and what I can do for you. Well, allow me to share some of my background.

Proud to be Local

I was born and raised right here in Niagara and I am still proud to call the area home.  I spent over 12 years in Hospitality and Tourism where I managed several wineries and networked with numerous organizations and businesses.  During this time, I was fortunate to use my love of the English vocabulary to prepare everything from wine tasting notes and menus, to marketing materials, brochures and websites.

Translation: I know the area, and I can relate to your business. I excel at networking and offer coaching to small businesses looking for an edge. Ask me about how I can help you find and define your niche in Niagara.

Life is for Learning

Following the birth of my daughter, I felt it was time for a change career-wise.  I’m a firm believer that we never stop learning, and that we should never be afraid to chase our dreams.  Because of that, I decided to pursue some of my other interests in natural remedies and alternative medicine.  I also studied to be a fitness instructor specializing in belly dance which I taught for 2 years, and later took a position with a local health food retailer as well. I worked there for several years in a variety of roles, and eventually became an occasional guest on their Sunday morning radio show on 610CKTB.

Translation: My varied career history and love of marketing means that I can relate to your business and offer insight on current as well as new marketing strategies. I can write about a variety of trades. Ask about how to improve your marketing without spending a fortune.

In everything I have done and every role I have taken, my love of writing has been a big part of who I am.

In late 2015, I decided to take another leap – this time into an area that would let me truly explore my passions and need for creativity, while drawing on my past experience.  Writing has always been a part of my life, and now as a freelance writer/blogger and media coach, it is my focus.

Each day I get a chance to share what I have learned from my various careers, and to help other small businesses and entrepreneurs overcome the challenges of social media and marketing. I love to help people tell their stories, so contact me today and find out how I can help you tell yours!

In Case You Still Needed To Know More About Me
Bonnie Servos, Niagara Writing Services
Bonnie Servos, Niagara Writing Services
  • Main interests include Historical Fiction, Alternative Medicine & Natural Supplements, Yoga & Meditation, Cooking and Fine Cuisine, Parenting, Horse-back Riding, Travel, Dance and living a healthy lifestyle
  • Knowledge of mechanical operations and able to assist with diagrams etc.
  • An avid reader; with a high diction level
  • Skilled at editing and proofreading
  • Majored in Classical Studies at Brock University; and graduated with Bachelor Of Arts Degree in 2000
  • Knowledge of proper business letter writing formats
  • Able to proofread and edit in a timely manner
  • Looking to serve local individuals and businesses

What I Can Do For You As a Writer:

  • Brochures
  • Newsletter articles / Press Releases
  • Webpage / Social Media content
  • Blog posts
  • Individual profiles
  • Business profiles
  • Marketing Material
  • HR Documents
  • Editing & Proofreading

If you’re ready to improve your current marketing or website content, then let’s chat about how I can assist you.  No business is too small and every business can benefit from a little TLC. Custom packages are available and will be tailored to the needs of each small business – request a free quote today!